Module Walkthrough

I created this video as part of a job interview I had a few years ago. In the video, I walk through a module and talk about the design decisions I made and the development of the module. The screen recording as made using Quicktime for Mac and the lower-third was made in Adobe Photoshop. The video was assembled and edited in Adobe Premiere.


Creating a Screencast with Explain Everything

This video from March 2016 is a walkthrough on how to create a screencast using Explain Everything on the iPad. It also walks through the process of uploading that same podcast to a Kaltura streaming media site. I created it using Apple iMovie, Camtasia for Mac, AirServer, and an iPad Pro.


EDCI 570, Course Tour and Features Video, Fall 2012

The purpose of this video was to provide my online students a tour of their course and how the different tools in the Learning Management System worked. I used Camtasia (TechSmith) Relay to create this video.


Lecture on Universal Design for Learning

This is the lecture part of my second lesson for the College Teaching course I took in the Fall 2012. The lesson was on Universal Design for Learning. The video was made using Camtasia (TechSmith) Relay. I originally used the captioning feature in Camtasia Relay to caption it, but had to convert the captions to publish the video to YouTube.

EDCI 570 Unit Introduction Video

This is one of the first videos that I created my first semester of teaching — Fall 2010. I used a Cisco Flip Camera and the webcam on my Macbook Pro to record the video. I then used Apple iMovie to edit it and Camtasia Studio to add the captions.